Kyle Explains Why He Was Hesitant To Date Deepti

Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati look like they may still be together, and Kyle is now explaining why he was so hesitant to date Deepti at first.

Kyle Abrams from Love Is Blind season 2 is likely still in a relationship with co-star Deepti Vempati and has shared exactly why he was so hesitant to start a relationship with Deepti. Kyle initially proposed to Shaina Hurley. This relationship was doomed from the beginning and Shaina left him in Mexico where they were supposed to be having their first vacation together. She later dumped him after introducing him to her family.

Deepti Vempati also became engaged in the pods to Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, a relationship that seemed fairly solid. Not everything was as it seemed, though, because Shake had been unable to feel a physical attraction to Deepti, leaving her feeling as though she wasn’t enough for him. The two did make their way down the aisle and marriage seemed promising, but Deepti took a stand for herself and left Shake at the altar, saying that she deserves someone who is sure of her.


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Kyle and Deepti ended up meeting through the show, and fans found out during Love Is Blind: After the Altar that they became the very best of friends after the show ended. Kyle even confessed that he shared a real connection with Deepti in the pods, but he deeply regrets that he went with Shaina instead. According to People, during the After The Altar three-part episode, fans learned that Deepti and Kyle became sick with Covid at the same time and ended up spending Christmas together in isolation for a week, a bonding and memorable moment for them both.

Kyle admits that he contemplated whether he wanted to take his relationship with Deepti to another level or not because he didn’t want to risk losing her friendship. He went on to explain that he had been in a similar situation before, and he knows that a friendship after a failed relationship with Deepti would not be appropriate when moving forward with his dating life. With the idea of losing Deepti as a friend weighing heavily on his mind, Kyle felt very conflicted. But toward the end of the episode, he decided to give their love a shot. Deepti had since gone on to say that forming a bond and a relationship in private, off the show, has allowed them to flourish when it comes to being in love.

It seems as though Kyle and Deepti are finally getting the love that they so truly deserve. During the show, they both had chosen partners that were not a good fit for them, and they ended up hurt. Through the hurt though, Kyle and Deepti were able to find peace and comfort in each other, making it look like fate may have played a role in them meeting. Love Is Blind fans will be excited to follow along on this relationship journey since they are the only ones from season 2 that may still be together.

Source: People

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